Coleen Man is now one of the top ranked West Coast Swing Dancers in UK and Europe. After quickly rising up the ranks she is now competing in WSDC Allstar Division. After finding West Coast Swing in 2010 she has since been competing all over the world and started teaching and judging internationally within the last 6 years.

Her love of dancing did not start with West Coast Swing, Coleen has made dance her life. From a young age she took Ballet, Tap and Jazz lessons and has gone on to become a registered teacher of the Royal Academy of Dance the most prestigious ballet organisation in the world. She has since become the Principal of her childhood dance school, now renamed the Coleen Man Dance Academy. She has also taught for many other national organisations such as Stagecoach Theatre Arts and Jigsaw Theatre Arts.

Her partner dancing began in 2007 after she began Ceroc lessons and after only 3 months she became a qualified instructor. This led her to find West Coast Swing in 2010 and she hasn’t looked back since.

Coleen styling draws influences from Zouk, Contemporary, Hip Hop and of course her classical dance training giving her a very individual look. She is constantly looking for new dance avenues to explore to widen both her dance knowledge and in turn her unique style.

She has sought instruction from many of the top international Champion WCS teachers and has recently passed her Global PDIA Advanced Elite certification in West Coast Swing, taught by Michael Kielbasa, which now also enables her to train teachers for the GPDIA.  She regularly teaches for West Coast Swing UK as well as many other popular venues in the UK. She also runs Swing Academy UK.

Her vast dance knowledge, not only in West Coast Swing, and her nearly 20 years in dance teaching has meant that both her private lessons and group classes have become popular both in the UK and in Europe. She strives to make both Leaders and Followers the most sought after dancers, because of their smooth connection and ability to have a “conversation” within the dance.
With her competitive and judging experience both in the UK and Europe, she’s also a natural source for the dancer wishing to improve their competitive dancing.

Notable placings in West Coast Swing competitions:

WSDC Allstars Jack n Jill
1st Place Budafest 2019
2nd Place Summer Hummer 2018
1st Place New Year’s Swing Fling 2017
2nd Place Swingin’ New England 2016
1st Place Summer Hummer 2016
1st Place Sea Sun Swing 2016
2nd Place D-Town 2016
1st Place West In Lyon 2016
1st Place New Year’s Swing Fling 2016
2nd Place New Year’s Swing Fling 2015

Allstars Strictly
1st Place Desert City Swing 2015

Open Strictly
1st Place West In Lyon, 2018
2nd Place West In Lyon 2017
1st Place French Open WCS, 2015
1st Place Detonation Dance, 2015
1st Place Baltic Swing 2014
1st Place Scottish WCS Dance Championships, 2014
1st Place World Swing Masters, 2013